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Simple, flexible doctor scheduling facility includes:

  • Default work day definitions
  • Explicit scheduling
  • Schedule rules (ie. Every other Friday)
  • The ability to simply schedule lunches and other breaks
  • Automatic statutory holiday scheduling

The powerful yet simple schedule book allows
you to easily:

  • Navigate the calendar
  • Reschedule patients
  • Book follow-up appointments
  • Pre-book
  • Book from live cancellation list
  • Change work day hours and open/close days on the fly
  • Print day sheets and call lists

Intuitive product purchasing and invoicing

The ability to view all reports on screen, and print only the ones you want
The ability to reprint any invoice or sales report for any date

Simple end-of-day cash reconciliation
Simple patient information management with support for family/household members

Generate recalls, and keep track of all previous recall generations

OHIP submissions by disk or EDT
Maintains OHIP submission log to easily view/reset previous submissions

All in a true Windows™ environment!

Data migration for Cfile users (other products available soon)

All current data, such as patient information, upcoming & past appointments, invoices etc., are transparently migrated into OD Office Pro.

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